sup cutie
! ! ! !

Carlye Denise

Garter belts are so sexy
hbgunner asked:
How's it going missy

A bit sad :(

thinkoftheseaasyoumurderme asked:
Hey ya :) I love your blog! You also have an amazing body! You are so pretty and ahh would love to watch netflixs, cuddle and see what would happen with you ;) xo

i actually really like netflix and cuddling… but not with strangers haha

the-perks-of-being-a-ratchet asked:
Holy fuck youre literally an angel! Youre so perfect! Youre breasts are so marvelous and i mean no disrespect, but i was just wondering if you were interested in seeing my nudes? Im 6'3" with caramel skin, a six pack and an 8 inch penis

lol this kinda scares me cause i’m like half your size

deathofjohnsmith asked:
How goes it yo

tired and shit

“Because I am not the type of
person someone falls in love with.”
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